BBQ salmon medallions

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BBQ salmon medallions marinated in 3 different styles

The classic salmon steak, but boneless, without disturbing flanks and perfectly round for barbecue or pan. The BBQ medallions are ready marinated and seasoned with herbs and onions, chili and peppers or tomato and wild garlic.
The circular medallions are grilled on both sides, the skin is not sticking to the barbecue and BBQ time is comfy and easy - every time!

Content: Salmon (salmo salar - fish farm Norway) BBQ medallions, raw, marinated with herbs and onion, 80-110g per pcs., 500g or
with chili and peppers, 80-110g per pcs, 500g or
with tomato and wild garlic, 80-110g per pcs, 500g

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